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Using UCC Filings to Make Yourself a Payment Priority

Presented by: Jerry Bailey

Free Webinar

May 9, 2017
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST



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There is no doubt your customers prioritize how they pay their vendors.  Debtors tend to pay secured creditors ahead of the unsecured creditors.  In this session we will examine how you can take advantage of this principal and make sure you are getting paid ahead of the other creditors your customer owes money to.  Understand how to use a UCC filing to move yourself to the front of the payment line.  We’ll look at the legal protections, and also how they protect you when your customer defaults or files bankruptcy.  This session will be friendly to all levels of education, so please join us.

Presenter Bio:

Executive Sales and Education Services at NCS Credit Solutions

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Lisa Wong (702) 2592622-0
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