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Why Even More Customers (the Small and Mid-Sized are Joining the Largest) are Adopting a Terms Push

Presented by: Scott Blakeley, Esq

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May 18, 2017
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST



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Credit teams are witnessing more customers disregard supplier-set terms and unilaterally extending these terms with a so-called terms pushback strategy (TPS). While TPS allows the customer to preserve working capital, improve cash flow and grow inventory, the supplier's DSO and profit margin suffers. A key metric for the customer's finance team is now days payable outstanding. In this webcast Larry Lipschutz, Director of Credit for French Gerleman, Frank Sebastian, Director of AR, Credit and Collections for Adidas-Group, and I will discuss:

TPS and Trade Credit

Trade credit as driver of the economy

 Large companies sitting on record cash holdings but increasing the days to pay suppliers

Customers stretching supplier terms to preserve cash and fill working capital gaps

Customers extending payables has become a best practice 

Added Reasons for TPS

Customer benchmarking, customer mergers, international influence and positive TPS press

Key TPS Metrics

Cash conversion cycle, days payables outstanding, days sales outstanding, and days inventory outstanding

Supplier Strategy for Dealing with TPS

Including cannot single out terms, Robinson-Patman, two price lists, contract controls, loan covenants, credit insurance, early-pay discount, annual volume rebate



Supply-Chain Finance and Dynamic Discount Options

Presenter Bio:

Scott Blakeley is a founder of Blakeley LLP, where he advises companies around the United States and Canada regarding creditors’ rights, commercial law, e-commerce and bankruptcy law. He was selected as one of the 50 most influential people in commercial credit by Credit Today. He is contributing editor for NACM’s Credit Manual of Commercial Law, contributing editor for American Bankruptcy Institute’s Manual of Reclamation Laws, and author of A History of Bankruptcy Preference Law, published by ABI. Credit Research Foundation has published his manuals entitled The Credit Professional’s Guide to Bankruptcy, Serving On A Creditors’ Committee and Commencing An Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition. Scott has published dozens of articles and manuals in the area of creditors’ rights, commercial law, e-commerce and bankruptcy in such publications as Business Credit, Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections, Norton’s Bankruptcy Review and the Practicing Law Institute, and speaks frequently to credit industry groups regarding these topics throughout the country. He is a member on the board of editors for the California Bankruptcy Journal, and is co-chair of the sub-committee of unsecured creditors’ Committee of the ABI. Scott holds an B.S. from Pepperdine University, an M.B.A. from Loyola University and a law degree from Southwestern University. He served as law clerk to Bankruptcy Judge John J. Wilson. He is admitted to the bars of California and Washington D.C.

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