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Credit Professionals Group: Best Practices in Credit

Presented by: Alan Dicker

Credit Professionals Group

June 22, 2018
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM PST



ANAHEIM, CA 92806-5903

Price: $35 for Credit Professionals Group members; $69 for non Credit Professionals Group members



Credit departments are constantly changing, and it is imperative to benchmark how your department is doing versus others in the credit profession.

We invite you to join other top credit professionals in a variety of industries to discuss some of the best practices your department uses, in a roundtable, rapid-fire discussion where everyone will participate and come away with ideas to take back to your department (and bring to upper management) to consider process improvements.

Some of the discussion points will include: What are the KPIs that define how well your department is performing? Are you graded on those KPIs in your personal review? What do you require when a customer requests to go beyond the standard terms you offer (personal guarantee, sign-off from the big boss, etc.)? Which courses outside of credit are you taking to advance your job knowledge?

Come with your questions, and leave with answers! The meeting also provides for an excellent networking opportunity with credit professionals in different industries. We hope to see you there!

Presenter Bio:

Alan Dicker is the director of marketing for CMA.

For More Information Contact:
Alan Dicker (323) 5730840-0
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