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Credit Professionals: Trends in Management (and Getting the Most Out of Your Team)

Presented by: Kimberly Howard, Sysco LA and Kelly Jo Mallars, SC Fuels

Credit Professionals Group

November 9, 2018
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM PST



ANAHEIM, CA 92806-5903

Price: Credit Professionals Members: $35/person; nonmembers $69/person; non-CMA members $119



As a manager in credit, you’re always having to do more with less. As credit departments usually operate on a small number of employees accomplishing a great deal of work, how can you motivate your employees to be the very best they can be and, in doing so, making them as efficient as possible at their jobs?

On November 9, we invite you to join our Credit Professionals Network in Anaheim, CA for a panel discussion including Kim Howard, Director of Operations, Sysco Los Angeles and others, for a look at how you can motivate under-performing employees, “star” employees and everyone in between to get the most out of your credit team. There will be opportunities to ask your questions to the panel, along with other credit professionals.

Presenter Bio:

Kimberly Howard is the Director of Operations at Sysco Los Angeles. She is a former credit manager and former member of several CMA Industry Credit Groups. 

Kelly Jo Mallars is the director of human resources for SC Fuels.

For More Information Contact:
Alan Dicker (818) 9725300-0
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