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Why More Customers are Adopting a Terms Push Back Strategy How Suppliers Can Fight Back

Presented by: Scott Blakeley, Esq. and Larry Lipschutz

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October 18, 2018
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST



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Why Even More Customers (the Small and Mid-Sized are Joining the Largest) are Adopting a Terms Push Back Strategy and What Suppliers Can Do to Fight Back


Credit teams are witnessing more customers disregard supplier-set terms and unilaterally extending these terms with a so-called terms pushback strategy (TPS). While TPS allows the customer to preserve working capital, improve cash flow and grow inventory, the supplier's DSO and profit margin suffers. A key metric for the customer's finance team is now days payable outstanding. In this webcast Larry Lipschutz, Director of Credit for French Gerleman, Steve Savino, Manager of Credit and Collections for Assa Alboy Americas and Scott Blakeley, Esq., will discuss:

• TPS and Trade Credit (Trade credit as driver of the economy; Large companies sitting on record cash holdings but increasing the days to pay suppliers; Customers stretching supplier terms to preserve cash and fill working capital gaps; Customers extending payables has become a best practice)

• Added Reasons for TPS (Customer benchmarking, customer mergers, international influence and positive TPS press)

• Key TPS Metrics (Cash conversion cycle, days payables outstanding, days sales outstanding, and days inventory outstanding)

• Supplier Strategy for Dealing with TPS, including cannot single out terms, Robinson-Patman, two price lists, contract controls, loan covenants, credit insurance, early-pay discount, annual volume rebate

• Supply-Chain Finance and Dynamic Discount Options


Presenter Bio:

Scott Blakeley, Esq. has worked with CMA for a number of years as the owner of Blakeley LLP.

Larry Lipschutz is Director of Credit for French Gerleman.

Steve Savino is Manager of Credit and Collections for Assa Alboy Americas 

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