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A Comparison of Credit Risk Mitigation Tools

Presented by: Buddy Baker

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December 3, 2015
9:00 AM to 9:45 AM PST

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There are multiple components to credit risk and multiple tools for managing those risks.  The trick is matching the tool to the situation in order to cover the right risks and still win the sale.  This session compares the tools that are available to a Credit Manager in terms of what risks they do and don’t cover, the impact on the buyer, and how much each costs.  The tools that will be discussed include commercial and standby letters of credit, bank and corporate guarantees, forfaiting, factoring, credit insurance, credit derivatives, and foreign exchange contracts.


  • Objective #1:   Review the components of credit risk
  • Objective #2:   Understand the risks that are and are not covered by various risk mitigation techniques
  • Objective #3:   Learn how to match risk mitigation techniques with risks inherent to transactions Credit Managers face
  • Objective #4:   Be able to craft a credit policy suitable to your company's risk appetite and competitive position


This class is merely an overview, but it is intended to assist Credit Managers in identifying tools they would like to explore and understand further.

Presenter Bio:

 Buddy Baker is president of Global Trade Risk Management Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in providing education content to Credit Managers.  Baker has 35 years of experience as a banker and a credit insurer, and is an expert in various techniques for managing credit risk and financing receivables, with particular expertise in export transactions.  He can be reached at (847) 830-3038, or by email at

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