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Financing Foreign Receivables

Presented by: Brent Hoots

Free Webinar

December 2, 2015
9:00 AM to 9:45 AM PST

Price: Free Webinar



While today’s global economy presents exciting growth opportunities for U.S companies, financing international growth can be a substantial and complex hurdle.  Join Brent Hoots of NaviTrade Structured Finance as he explores the following topics:

• What creates the need for financing international growth?
• What are the hurdles to financing foreign receivables?
• What are the possible credit insurance strategies?
• How can we find, implement, and manage a solution?
• Who bears the cost of this strategy?
• Where do we go next to investigate?

The objective with this webinar is to provide a quick overview of how credit insurance can lead to financing solutions – and some of the basic ideas behind how companies can pursue this strategy.

Presenter Bio:

Brent Hoots is the President of NaviTrade Structured Finance LLC, a specialty brokerage and advisory firm helping companies with their global financing and risk management needs.  Before starting NaviTrade, Brent worked as a banker and consultant for the World Bank in Eastern Europe, Manufacturers Hanover Trust in New York, Boettcher & Company in Denver, and Camp Dresser & McKee in Boston.

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