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How to Achieve Procurement from Using Foreign Trade Zones

Presented by: David Harlow

Free Webinar

December 1, 2015
9:00 AM to 9:35 AM PST

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A Foreign-Trade Zone is a secure, access-restricted, Customs & Border Protection privileged area in or near a U.S. port of entry where merchandise both foreign and domestic may be admitted, stored, exhibited, manipulated, temporarily removed, manufactured, or destroyed duty-free!  Duties, certain user fees and taxes are only assessed on products that are transferred out of the FTZ and imported into the United States for consumption.  Products that are transferred out of the FTZ and exported abroad are exempt from any duty, user fees or taxes. Join speaker David Harlow of FTZ Consultants as he provides insights and ideas on how you can use these trade zones to your company’s advantage.

Presenter Bio:

ITC was founded in 2002 as an International Trade Consulting Firm and a second generation National Corporate Custom House Broker. ITC provides a unique blend of international trade related services to importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, public utilities, and local government, focusing on CBP and the Foreign Trade Zone. David Harlow represents four of the nine Grantees in Southern California and assists regions, cities, and businesses with the implementation and oversight of the FTZ Program. Additionally, ITC provides services in eight different states while continuing to grow.

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