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When Should Your Company Use the AnscersX Multi-Bureau Credit Report?

Presented by: Bob Shultz

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July 13, 2016
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST

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The multi-bureau anscersX report has seen a number of upgrades since this unique report was released in 2014. What are the key features and differentiators of this credit report? When should you use it? How do you interpret the data that’s found within the reports? Join Credit veteran Bob Shultz as he discusses the latest features in the credit reports, as we help you to determine whether you’re using the right credit reporting solution at your company.


Presenter Bio:


Robert S. Shultz has had a thirty year career as a credit and financial executive and consultant for large multi-national organizations in a variety of industries.


In 2001 he became a Founding Partner of Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on quote to cash process improvements, skill training, and expert witness support in credit and bankruptcy cases. As a consultant he has worked with small, mid-size and global corporations in numerous industries and countries.He is also a frequent speaker, writer and trainer on topics related to the quote to cash process and credit management.


In 2010 he became a Principal in the Trade Information Exchange (TIE).  TIE provides trade credit report products and services for the manufacturing, distributing, and construction industries.


Robert is a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Credit Management Association (CMA) and later served on the Board’s Advisory Committee and was also named CMA’s Credit Executive of the Year in recognition of his contribution to the Credit Profession.




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