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Presented by: Bruce Nathan, Jeffrey Blumenfeld


July 25, 2017
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST

Price: $49.00 Member, $69.00 Non-Member



Antitrust law has a great impact on best practices credit professionals should follow when making credit decisions and obtaining information from and communicating with other credit professionals. The speakers will discuss how credit professionals can navigate within the bounds of antitrust law when making their credit and other business decisions; what matters can and cannot be discussed and what information can and cannot be exchanged with other credit professionals, both one on one and in a credit group or other group setting; the potential consequences of antitrust violations, and how to protect your company from those consequences.

Presenter Bio:

Bruce S. Nathan, Partner in Lowenstein Sandler's Bankruptcy, Financial Reorganization & Creditors' Rights Department, has more than 30 years' experience in the bankruptcy and insolvency field, and is a recognized national expert on trade creditor rights and the representation of trade creditors in bankruptcy and other legal matters.  Bruce has represented trade and other unsecured creditors, unsecured creditors' committees, secured creditors, and other interested parties in many of the larger Chapter 11 cases that have been filed, and is currently representing the liquidating trust and previously represented the creditors' committee in the Borders Group Inc. Chapter 11 case.  Bruce also handles letters of credit, guarantees, credit insurance and security, consignment, accounts receivable put, bailment, tolling, and other agreements and legal credit issues for the credit departments of institutional clients.

 Jeffrey Blumenfeld

Jeffrey Blumenfeld is a leading figure in the competition issues that shape today’s economy, particularly those affecting technologybased companies. Clients value his understanding of a wide variety of industries, as well as his collaborative approach to accomplishing business goals. With nearly 30 years of private practice experience, Jeff has an in-depth knowledge of competition principles, technology, regulation, and economics. As outside counsel, in-house general counsel, and board director, Jeff represents companies and their investors on competition issues, including those at the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property. Understanding that legal strategy must serve business strategy, Jeff functions as an integral part of his clients’ business teams, from major brands to early-stage venture-backed tech companies.

Jeff is an accomplished litigator and trial lawyer in a variety of complex matters, including civil and criminal antitrust matters (both plaintiff and defense), mergers and acquisitions, and criminal price-fixing investigations. He also has a long record of successfully trying complex regulatory matters involving engineering and technology issues; economic, costing, and pricing issues; and competitive conduct issues at federal and state regulatory commissions nationwide.

 Beginning his career at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Jeff as first-chaired more than 60 jury trials. He was one of the senior DOJ trial attorneys in the 18-month trial of United States v. AT&T (the divestiture case), and served as Chief of the Trial Staff during the first wave of post-divestiture litigation.


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