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How to Use Your Credit Application and Supply Contract To Protect Your Company From Credit Losses -

Presented by: Scott Blakeley

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June 21, 2018
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST

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A credit application, as well as a supply contract (depending on the trade relationship with your customer) can be central to setting forth your rights in the event of a dispute with the customer, limiting credit risk and an accommodative response to a customer's terms pushback. In this webcast, Chris Finch, Director of Credit at Sumitomo Electric, Susan Archibeque, CCE, Director of Credit at Nicholas & Co., Inc., and Scott Blakeley, Esq., will discuss:  

• Distinction between the credit application and supply contract, including P.O's, invoices and POD's;

• What your credit application and supply contract should include to form a binding contract;   

• The credit application and supply contract as a source of information, including trade and bank references;      

• The credit application and supply contract as a response to a customer's terms pushback;  

• Various business forms, from LLC's to corporations to partnerships to sole proprietors, and what the different business forms may mean;

• Does the customer's representative have the authority to bind the customer to the credit application;

• Winning the battle of the forms:  conflicts with the credit application and supply contract, PO's, invoices and order acknowledgments;

• Key terms and conditions, such as attorney's fees, collection costs, venue  selection, late charges and default interest, waiver and duty to inspect, escheatment/inactivity fee, arbitration clause, approval to check references and sharing information, signature requirement;

• The electronic credit application and supply contract: the technology and the laws;

• The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Fair Credit Report Act and Privacy Laws;

• Article 2 remedies, from termination of credit terms, to stopping goods in transit, to reclamation, to resale of goods; and

• The supply contract and a customer's bankruptcy.

Presenter Bio:

Scott Blakeley, Esq., is a frequent presenter at CMA events, and the founder of Blakeley LLP.

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