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Interpreting Financial Statements

Presented by: Robert Shultz


March 7, 2019
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM PST



Price: $29 for CMA members, $79 for non CMA members



Credit decisions involve a range of considerations, not just the math. Veteran credit manager Robert "Bob" Shultz will draw on his 30+ years' of credit management experience to help you analyze the creditworthiness of your customers, by looking at the "big picture" from a real world perspective.  When you do review financial statements, why? What are the key things to look for?  He will cover considerations beyond the financial statement.  Things you should know about the applicant, and their business and how to get to the applicant’s real story.

Presenter Bio:

Robert (Bob) Shultz is Managing Partner for Cutting Edge Business Resource Solutions (CEBRS) and a frequent contributor to CMA and its membership.

For More Information Contact:
Alan Dicker (323) 5730840-0
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