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AI / Robotic Process Automation

Presented by: Michelle Herman


September 3, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM PST

Price: $79.00 for non-members, Free for CMA members



Presenter Bio:

With over 30 years in the credit, credit info, collections, banking, customer service, product development, operations, e-commerce, strategic planning, and business development arena, I bring a highly unique mix of experience, skills, talent, creativity, and dedication - along with an incredible network of high-level professionals across the US and a variety of industries. I’ve worked for and with Fortune 100 companies, small mom and pop outfits, and even an internet startup, eventually purchased by eBay for ten times revenue. I’ve managed virtually every role in our own unique startup and was instrumental in getting USPTO approval on a sinus rinse that is like no other in existence and is beautifully positioned for buy-out by a major pharmaceutical or healthcare corporation. 


I’ve created and managed partner programs with major commercial A/R software firms such as HighRadius, Emagia, Cforia, Dynavisitics, etc. both at Experian and at NACM, and as a consultant... Experian’s program was instrumental in adding over 20 million trade lines to the commercial credit database within just a two-year time frame and making many Experian sales reps very wealthy. 

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